Our garments are designed and pattern made in Melbourne by our designer and founder, Michelle. Samples and fits are tried on a variety of women in Australia to make sure they suit many body types.

Michelle is Australian born and mixed race with Chinese on her mother’s side and speaks Mandarin. We make in China as there is an incredible amount of infrastructure and skilled workers there and we are able to easily communicate and connect with the team. 

The production is then made by a small team of makers in Guangzhou. Our linen fabric is sourced from Heilongjiang, a cool climate region near Japan. The garment factory is owned by our friend Milly, who is a young 28 year old female like our designer who also started from humble roots. She employs a team diverse in age and gender and looks after her workers. Our prices reflect what we pass on to our workers. They are paid a combination of a wage and piece work. Our skilled sewers are able to earn a comfortable living and are highly sought after and looked after 🧡

Here is a goofy video of us behind the scenes in 2018 (yes it's been a while since we've been able to travel)