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Oat + Cream tucks mask

$17.50 AUD
Oat + Cream

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  • 2 layers of linen
  • one layer of filter material (non woven interfacing)
  • flexible adjustable nose bridge 
  • tencel jersey ear loops

The mask is made with contrasting fabrics so it is easy to see the right and wrong side so you can easily make sure you use one side consistently in between washes. If you need to take it off, only touch the ears, fold to hide the inside, fold again and loop the ear straps to keep in place before putting in pocket. Sanitise your hands when you can. This mask alone does not protect you from viruses. Please maintain social distance and hand hygiene and wash the mask regularly. 

Reusable and machine washable. I recommend a gentle warm soapy hand wash. Place between a towel to press dry, then hang to dry.  Do not wring as you may damage the filter material inside. Might tolerate dryer but not sure. 

It is advised to wash your mask every day, ideally every use, so having at least 2 is recommended. 

No return or refund on these masks for hygiene reasons. Please get in touch if you have any concerns. If you are in Melbourne I have adjusted postage pricing to $5.50 for orders under $80. Delivery 1-3 days with Sendle